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Steel doors of the installation process and matters needing attention


Steel doors due to the reasons for the material combined with beautiful appearance, has become a very popular choice for indoor doors, but the steel doors than ordinary wooden doors installation to be more complex, there are a lot of attention. Next, give us a detailed introduction of the installation process of steel doors and notes.
Steel doors of the installation process
The width and height of the first, measure the wall thickness, the openings, and then measure the top of the door frame length and frame length, check whether the and a door opening match.
Second, assembled door frames. The top frame and the frame should be connected into an angle of 90 degrees, on both sides of the border, using 4 - 6 connecting piece fixed, then nail locked foot wooden and locking angle batten. Top box cover on top on both sides of the frame, the two frames of the stall door width should bimmen fan width more than 7mm, top box stall door between the ground and the height should bimmen fan height 13mm.
Third, the installation of door frames. Will assemble the door into the door, and to examine whether vertical, with connecting piece of the nail hole is determined nail hole on the wall, then use yuan nails the connection piece is fixed on the wall, and in the door frame and the wall of the embedding slot wood, ensure the door frame and the wall body, connection is firm, and dense.
Fourth, installation of door hinge. First in on the lower hinge screw a screw nail, and then closed, and check the gap is appropriate, and stall door and the door leaf is in the same plane, to ensure that no dislocation stall door, door leaves falling, then other screws, banned the use of screw nails nail entry box. Installation of a door frame and the door leaf, be sure that the stall door, door leaf, a door opening and closing are flexible, around the door gap reasonably consistent, gap junctions, tight and firm, the decorative surface without damage.
Fifth, the installation of line. Can be determined according to the degree of wall and the door frame width, if appear the wall than a narrow frame, the line side of the wide side against the wall, if there is narrower than that of the wall of the box is on the contrary.
Sixth, for the steel doors and doors of the thread on the buckle line Tu glue, dry after deduction of entry retaining strip on the groove, which is the entire installation process only need to use the glue.
Acceptance of steel doors of attention
1, check the steel door structure is firm, flat, no warping phenomenon.
2, steel door frame and sash mortise should ensure fitting tight, check whether the use of rubber cement, and stepped up with plastic wedge. To check whether the steel door frame and the wall is filled with full.
3, the door of the door of the door of the door should be straight, the wound should be smooth.
4, steel doors of the hardware installation location should be appropriate, the groove edge neatly. Steel wooden door covered with water, cover the mouth, pressure joint strip, sealing strip installation size should be consistent, and is firmly combined with the steel doors.
After reading this article, I believe we have some new experience for the installation of steel doors, I hope this article can provide a reference for the future of steel doors in the installation process.

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