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The steel spraying fire-rated roller shutter consists of a roller shutter and a spraying system. It features water-saving, spraying and cooling effectively with a bit of water. The mist can eliminate the smoke as well.



The spraying roller shutter contains two parts. One is the electric steel fire-rated roller shutter, made up of a curtain, two guide rails, a bottom rail, a gearing, a motor, a control box, a button, a metal fuse and a top box. The other is the spraying system, made up of a water supply pipe, a pipeline with sprinklers and a control box.


Technical Parameters

1.       Fire Rating: >3hrs

2.       Motor Power: AC380V

3.       Control Box Power: DC24V, 0.5A

4.       Water Pressure: 0.3-0.8Mpa

5.       Rated Water Pressure: 0.35Mpa

6.       Rated Spraying


Principles of Control

The roller shutter is operated by electrical control. As per Fire Safety Rules, there are three ways to control the electric box. First one is sensor control. When the smoke sensor gives a signal to the box, the box will give a sound and light alarm and get the curtain lower to the middle height. When the temperature sensor gives a signal to the box, it will get the curtain lower to the ground. Second one is fall-suspend-fall. When the curtain gets to the middle height, it will stop for some time to let survivors to escape and then continue to fall to the ground. Third one is fall without stop. Once one of the sensors gives a signal, the curtain will fall to the ground.


Principles of Spraying Control System

When the control box receives the fire signal and the roller shutter shuts down, it will send a signal to water control to turn on the ball valve. Or if the temperature rises to 68℃, the temperature-sensitive glass ball in the water control box will break in order to activate the sprayer. Meanwhile, the activation signal will be sent to the control box which will shut down the roller shutter and be sent to the Fire Control Center whose pump supplies water for sprayer.


Name of Product:

Special-grade Steel fire-rated roller shutter

Structure of Curtain:

0.8mm galvanized steel sheet + aluminum silicate fiber + 0.8mm GSS

Width of Curtain:


Thickness of Curtain:


Dimension of Guide Rail:

90mm X 50mm X 1.5mm

Dimension of Bottom Rail:

40mm X 55mm X 1.5mm

End Bracket:

Master: 630x330x4mm; auxiliary: 630x330x4mm


DN20 galvanized steel tube



Control Box:


Fire Rating:

> 3hrs


Fire escape, basement garage close to water supply


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